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Monday, 13 August 2012

Serpent patching

A deliriously pulsing, proggy-in-a-good-way Leyland Kirby remix of Cedric Stevens serves as a footnote to not one but two recent-ish posts - one referencing another LK remix, of John Cale, & another featuring the Stevens original. 

From The Syncopated Elevators Legacy (Discrepant), a hefty retrospective/crate-delve that also features remixes by LMYE luminaries Sylvain Chauveau, Fennesz & Motion Sickness of Time Travel. All feature in Experimedia's SEL previe/review ("bubbles of early 21st century electronic futurism, the kind that starts with a steaming, industrialized landscape vibe before panning up to a crystal clear, multi-colored skyline...") below. 

Also below, some enticing indications of Stevens' post-SEL direction - the exquisite, groaning 'guitar drone' of the recent Stardust/Monsoon Loop 7" (again, on Discrepant) & a dense, buzzing live tampura excursion to Benares Crescent. There's also the vault-excavating The Politics of Weakness (originally on Subliminal Toy Crash) 
& a richly murky new SEL-era discovery, Celestial Sundiving.

All this also serves as a roundabout way of noting that LMYE is going fairly dark for the next six weeks. Apologies to labels & artists who have sent music over for review, but an offline project is nearing its non-negotiable deadline. So posting is likely to be minimal to the end of next month - will try to make up for that with an epic final quarter...

Cédric Stevens - The Siamese Level (Leyland Kirby Remix)

The Siamese Level (playground emulation) by Cedric Stevens

The Siamese Level from Martina Ampuero

Cedric Stevens: The Syncopated Elevators Legacy

cedric stevens - the syncopated elevators legacy (album preview)

Monsoon Loop by Cedric Stevens

Cédric Stevens - Stardust (7'' preview)

benares crescent (live @ la filature) by Cedric Stevens

Celestial Sundiving by Cedric Stevens

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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