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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lend Me Four Sequence

More plenitude from Futuresequence - a fourth gargantuan freepilation (ahem) from the increasingly active magazine-cum-label (now up to six commercial releases). Like its predecessors, SEQUENCE4 is a somewhat overwhelming, sprawling 42-track smorgasbord (yes, fellow trainspotter, 2 did indeed have a sequence-upsetting extra serving: but anyway...).

With a slight bias to Canadian contributors - less a late acknowledgement of Canada Day, more a reflection of LMYE's 'taste' - here's what these ears & eyes grabbed on to on a first pass: intensely building Aquarelle, fuzzily bucolic Black Elk, divertingly clonky Le Berger, finely restrained Radere, aptly lyrical Nobuto Suda & darkly hovering Damian Valles (whose Nonparallel on Experimedia is even better & demands its own post...), plus videos of the finely filmic Loscil & Wolf Mapswarm washes

But with another four such octets on offer (Raven's chewy Sleeping Dogs Lie is in another post in preparation here, to take just one example...), plus change, this baggy monster clearly merits a deeper dig. 

Halocline from Daniel Hopkins

Wolf Maps - Arc from Bengalfuel & Friends

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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