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Friday, 9 December 2011

Previous Form

Like a man in Uniform? Check Aria Rostami’s nice new and re-stitched threads on 'bulb man David Newman’s growing download offshoot, Audiomoves. With previous Form, some with LMYE, his Uniform is in effect a re-Form, or at least in part, with several new originals thrown in to further pique, the whole being mastered by LMYE favourite, Lawrence English.

The artist speaks: “Form was about the deconstruction of sound while Uniform is about the reconstruction of it. Although the album contains only three proper remixes, the five new original tracks were guided by the spirit of a remix album. The songs were put together mostly by constructing field recordings, randomly recorded piano parts, and so on to create source material and then combined afterword to create songs. The new tracks were created to have some parallelism with the remixes. Uniform discovers the differences within similarities. Uniformity is nothing more than an idea; a force that turns and breaks from human lens to human lens.”

Opener “Midori” is a winsome piece of IDM-lite of the type we used to see regularly from labels like Neo Ouija and Expanding.

Midori by ariarostami

Best of all, though, is the gorgeous “Tokyo”

Aria Rostami - Tokyo by audiobulb

Elsewhere there are intriguing retoolings, one such being “Streetlights As Fairgrounds” by Finnish wonky-hiphop-cum-ambi-chill exponent, Saine.

Streetlights As Fairgrounds (Saine Remix) by ariarostami

And another by Ollie Bown, one half of near-veteran abstract electronicists, Icarus

Cleare (Ollie Bown Remix) by ariarostami

Here’s a bonus video from the lad, since you’ve been so readerly as to get through to the end of this post

Aria Rostami - "Black Tile" from Matthew Sevilla on Vimeo.

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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