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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Loop-Lines Uplink Factory

Won't somebody bring the Liondialer / Machinefabriek / Kleefstra-Bakker-Kleefstra extravaganza round our way, or at least a bit closer than Tokyo? In a way they have, of course, in the form of White Box's alluring That It Stays Winter Forever tour CD (Milk Factory review).

Another route in to this Anglo-Dutch constellation of oblique expressionists is Danny Saul's richly atmospheric, briskly jump-cutting - one moment metallically buzzing, the next achingly crystalline or fuzzily droning - Kinison-Goldthwait (stream a 13-minute sampler below that probably ramps up the cinematic scene-shifting, as well as a yearning, keening taste of live Liondialer). Half of LD alongside Greg Haines, Saul was last on LMYE's radar as part of a typically tasty Hibernate Hole in t'wall bill also featuring Mark Templeton.

Blurb: "Saul's debut release for Hibernate is an entirely instrumental affair, and a venture into darker sonic territories. At times there are nods towards the more textural aspects of his previous album, but this is clearly a move in a different direction again; much of the instrumentation throughout the album has been processed or transformed into something unrecognizable from its original source sound.

The albums artwork and track titles suggest that Saul is taking some form of inspiration from the well documented (although perhaps lesser known) public feud between the American stand up comedians Sam Kinison (foul mouthed ranter), and Bobcat Goldthwait (Zed from the Police Academy films). The dispute (supposedly over who stole whose act) came to a head on U.S. 'shock-jock' Howard Stern's radio show, when a boozy sounding Kinison called up Goldthwait live on air, leading to a rather fiery showdown.

Saul says 'Throughout working on this record, for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about these three people and this particular incident on the Howard Stern show. That's not to say the music or album is in any way conceptual - it isn't. The track titles may provide something of an 'ambiguous narrative' which the listener can take or leave."

Past coverage (also here & here [all GH]).

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