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Friday, 10 July 2009

Glyph or sigil

Difficult not to get clumsily hushed & reverential in approaching the music of Richard Skelton. Under his own name & in a host of guises that include A Broken Consort, Carousell, Clouwbeck, Harlassen, Heidika & Riftmusic, he's making music of such emotional intensity & profound beauty that sombre genuflection can seem the only appropriate response.

It isn't, obviously enough. Much of this music's resonance comes from its plasticity - its slow, creaking weight, its acoustic pings & rattles, the groans of its bowed strings, its imperfect perfection. Engagingly, it repeatedly tells you how human, how literally hand-made it is.

So too does its exquisite packaging (using & commemorating his late wife Louise's artwork): "The idea is to create something resembling a glyph or sigil that encapsulates each release". His deep connection with locality & histories - underlined by the 'Landings Diary' & album - reinforces the point.

Excellent interview with Richard by mapsadaisical here (predictably insightful reviews here & here). Many thanks to Richard & Josh at Tompkins Square for permissions.

A Broken Consort > An Elder Lie (from Box of Birch, Tompkins Square [re-issue])

Extracts (from A Broken Consort > Mountain Ash (from Crow Autumn Part Two/Carousell > Artery (from Black Crow & Other Songs), both Sustain-Release)

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.


Hector Savage said...

You might be my new favorite blog

Peter said...

hey LMYE,
love your stuff, great great curation. check out sundayisforsounds.com, i post a good amount of stuff i doubt you'll dig but we've got some common causes for sure. if you dig please link,

JL said...

Hector/Peter, many thanks for your generous comments! Despite the pathetically slow response, your feedback is much appreciated (& we're glad to link up with SifS)...


Julian / LMYE

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