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Friday, 22 February 2008

Marconi microsound

Although it's gone a bit quiet lately, there's an exceptional set of dense, subtle microsound mixes by or involving the fine
Marconi Union (MySpace/Wikipedia) & fellow dubby ambientronica Dotca label mates like b:dum b:dum.

One of the best of these is the most recent (though hardly super-fresh, since it dates from last May), Prospector's
7.0 [NB: file is 31MB].

Includes such LMYE favourites as
Pan-American, Stars of the Lid & Frank Bretschneider, plus Eno (with Robert Fripp). Also MU themselves & Cliff Martinez (minor drummer legend reinvented as a film composer, responsible for the mesmerising soundtrack to the 2002 remake of Solaris).

[NB: Boomkat
claim that Eno asked MU to supervise the remastering of something of his, which is quite a compliment if true... There's certainly some connection since All Saints released the second MU album, Distance.]

7.0 is here for your convenience. 3.0 & 4.0 are also both outstanding. All the Dotca mixes are downloadable
here; some tracklistings are given too.

Here's some full-length versions from artists/tracks in 7.0.

Pan American - Wing (from Quiet City)

Stars of the Lid (MySpace) - Broken Harbors, Part 1 (from The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid)

Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree - Interlock (from Balance)

Fripp & Eno (Fripp MySpace) - Meissa (from The Equatorial Stars)

Cliff Martinez (MySpace) - Don't Blow It (from Solaris S/T).

MU -
The Contact (from Under Wires and Searchlights)

More Martinez in this wonderful Solaris clip:


Prospector said...

Glad you liked 7.0. There's more to come...



JacL said...

Prospector, we're honoured to have you come by & salivating at the prospect of new stuff from you!


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